Anniversary Activities: Agreement Signing and Project Launching Ceremony
4 Dec 2017


By integration of its rich worldwide resources, SRCIC has been constructing its project pool and capital pool to serve and connect business communities of different countries as a platform, providing opportunities for information exchange, project matching, cross-cultural communication, and innovative development. Since its founding in 2015, SRCIC has become an important strength in the promotion of the Belt and Road construction and in advancing global trade and investment, cultural exchange, and sustainable development.




On the occasion of its 2nd anniversary, a series of colorful activities will be carried out in Beijing, China. An important and eye-catching one out of the rest is the cooperative agreement singing and project launching ceremony. According to the latest information, approximately 21 documents will be signed regarding to a wide range of industries and regions. Projects of financial cooperation, funding and leasing, media integration, a cultural industry park, education resource exchange, satellite application, multinational infrastructure construction, a local shopping mall and so forth will all be embodied in this session.


The signing and launching ceremony will start at 11:15 am December 10, 2017, in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel. With the constant increase of its country members, SRCIC is stepping up with its global partners for the resilience of the world economy and a sustainable development under the Belt and Road Initiative. More information will soon be published at this official website, please reserve your attention.