Member Updates: BCCI conferring annual award for Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Zhang Haizhou
5 Dec 2018


3 December 2018, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) conferred its annual awards for the 25th time for economic achievements at an official ceremony, which was held in Sofia Hotel Balkan. Among the official guests of the event were the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Biser Petkov and the Deputy Minister of Economy Aleksandar Manolev.


BCCI Chairman Tsvetan Simeonov stressed in his welcome speech and annual report that one of the biggest or probably the biggest successes of BCCI this year is becoming member of SRCIC as well the visit of SRCIC leadership delegation and the road show which was held in November 2018.


The awards were presented to companies that excelled in the various categories of BCCI's annual economic classification "TOP 100 companies leading in the Bulgarian economy", sectorial organization, regional chamber of commerce and industry, ambassador, commercial counsellor, media and journalist. More than 6500 companies accounting for 83% of the country's GDP took part in the TOP 100 classification for 2017. “This year we have expanded the digitalization and presence of BCCI in the social networks so that our goals can reach everyone and we continue our efforts to inform companies as soon as possible about the planned changes in the economic environment - both at national and international level”, said Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov.


BCCI Chairman Tsvetan Simeonov (L3) and Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Zhang Haizhou (R2)


Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Zhang Haizhou received an award for his contribution to the development of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the People's Republic of China.


H.E. Zhang Haizhou pointed out that BCCI membership in SRCIC is very important for developing and enlarging the Chinese-Bulgarian relations. 


In private conversation with Bulgarian Former Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Tomov, H.E. Mr. Zhang Haizhou expressed his gratitude for connecting the two organizations and greeted Prof. Tomov for his election as senior consultant of SRCIC and wished that concrete project soon happen and that will materialize the prestigious membership of BCCI in SRCIC.


On the occasion of the annual awards, BCCI received a congratulatory address from the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.


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Source: BCCI