B&R News: Belt and Road to lead world on new path of development
8 Aug 2018

The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 was launched from his ancient and historical hometown Shaanxi. B&R is a creative idea and a mega initiative which in the future can make world more peaceful. The special characteristic of the initiative is that it gives platform for people-to-people connections.


Because of the initiative people can see in the world various developments in the field of technology, infrastructure and energy as well and because of B&R the relationship among various countries has become more stronger. The initiative is basically a joint effort but the beauty is that the benefits are shared. In the countries involved in the Belt and Road countries or even in the world beyond that there is a big youth bulge and young people need platforms to share their ideas, innovations and the initiative is the best thing for youths to test various innovations and offer positive role for the development of their countries as well as for the whole world.


In recent past the world was facing lot of financial and peace and development issues but after the launch of B&R more countries are doing more to develop their countries. Many projects of Belt & Road are in various countries, such as Belarus industrial park; Russian co-operations projects; Maldives bridge; in Malaysia Sea freight; in Greece Piraeus port; energy development in Sri Lanka; Europe and China freight train; in African countries railway mega projects; in Kazakhstan light railway projects; various highway projects in Fiji; and as well as Pakistan Karakorum highway, which help in development of these countries.


The relationship between China and Pakistan is very strong and this friendship is becoming stronger day by day. Because of Belt and Road there are several mega projects ongoing and many projects already completed. These projects are not only benefitting China and Pakistan but also other countries.


The biggest project, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, is a game changer in South Asia. The value of CPEC currently is $62 billion. CPEC is making lot of modern modifications and boosting infrastructure as well as helping the economy. Various transportation, energy, different trade and economic sectors have been established. There are several energy projects worth $33 billion completed and ongoing in different areas of Pakistan. There is a huge development ongoing in the field of transportation such as Karokurm Highway and other mega construction projects. Gawadar port is world’s deepest sea port and that’s very important port for trade between Asia, Africa and other regions. There are several projects ongoing in different fields that are projected to be completed by 2030 and when these mega projects complet people will see that B&R is a game changer and world can will benefit a lot  from these projects, specially from Gawadr port as the distance will be reduced and there will be a massive development in next few years. A vast network of highways, motorways and rail system is underway which will also be fruitful for future development. The length of various motorways section is about 1,100 kilometers.


Belt and Road also focuses on people-to-people connections and exchange of culture, tradition, knowledge between China and Pakistan. Education development is very important for any country and there is a mega and future-oriented initiative is the establishment of Pakistan Academy of Social Science. Transformation of knowledge, skills and development of business sectors have increased due to the project.


The future results of Belt and Road are vast and positive. If we analyze the Belt and Road Initiative technically and critically then we can see there are huge benefits in the future. Because of this initiative in few years people will see massive development in many underdeveloped countries and also their economy will be better and stronger. The initiative plays a role like bridge and connects all countries in a ring which is the need of this era. Belt and Road project also gives opportunity to the new and young talent that they can start their various business and share their experience and enhance the quality of work .


The initiative will have a positive impact on various regions. This initiative by China can improve the globally trade connections and also improve the infrastructure and that can give help the economy of the world. BRI can boost the GDP of different countries. In the future people will see that because of BRI there is huge development in the cross-border exchange in term of exports, people-to-people connections. In the future the upgradation of the various social sectors will improve sharply and BRI will have a huge impact on the different world alliance and forums.


Source: China Daily