DRAFT letter from Chairman Lu to members of the SRCIC Board and to SRCIC members
14 May 2020



Dear friends and colleagues, 


We have all been living through an extraordinary time, for our families and friends, our businesses and partnerships. All of us have grieved for someone, family or friend and we have all been affected in many ways.


The only consolation we have is that sometimes a crisis is needed to bring us together, to show us that though we live in different parts of the world we are really all the same. A virus such as the one unleashed over the past few months crosses all borders, affects all lives.  


We are at last beginning to see on the horizon signs that the ravages of this disease are coming to an end. We are starting to re-build again, our relationships, our businesses and most of all our hopes for the future.


For the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, this worldwide crisis has been a heavy blow. The purpose of our existence has been challenged by closed borders, travel bans and other restrictions to trade, investment and business relationships.


I am writing to assure you that our SRCIC is well and prepared to resume its job of bringing together the business communities along the Silk Roads.  I am grateful for your support through these difficult times.


The years ahead will be marked by this crisis.  It will be more important than ever that business leaders use their talents, ambitions and their resources to support the development of a world where everyone can be a winner.


The SRCIC will make every effort to assist our members to achieve that goal,  and to make each one of you proud to be part of an international business community which remains committed to rebuilding a world economy which is based on multilateralism, open trade and investment, and addressing the challenges of a changing climate.


I wish for everyone the best in the coming year, and I pledge myself and the SRCIC to walk with you on the difficult path of recovery and renewal.


Chairman Lu Jianzhong