China’s economy resilient enough to guarantee stable employment: NDRC
25 Mar 2020


The Chinese economy is resilient, has great potential and is flexible enough to keep employment stable, as the economic fundamentals sustaining sound development remain unchanged, an official from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on March 23.



Villagers make clothes at a poverty alleviation workshop at Xin'an town, Feixiang district, Handan, north China's Hebei province. (Photo/Xinhua)


Gao Gao, deputy secretary-general of the NDRC, expressed confidence that the novel coronavirus epidemic will not change the basic conditions that allow the country to enjoy stable employment.


Gao's remarks were echoed by Zhang Yi, an official from the National Bureau of Statistics.


Zhang pointed out that China has rolled out a series of policies aimed at boosting employment, such as efforts to ensure work resumption, and finding jobs for migrant workers and new college graduates.


"Further implementation of such policies will ensure stable employment,” Zhang added.


China will support "Internet Plus" economies, and develop a consumer service industry integrating online and offline features and focusing on elderly care, childcare and early childhood education, and housekeeping services that will lead to the creation of new jobs, according to a State Council executive meeting on March 17.


The online-offline integration will lead to the creation of new business models and provide broad space for innovation and business startups, Gao noted.


As innovation and business startups can create more jobs, college graduates and migrant workers should be given a favorable environment to start their own businesses, Gao said. He added that China will also support flexible employment through multiple channels, and encourage people who are returning or moving to the countryside to start businesses or pursue innovations.


Source: People's Daily Online