Member Updates: Chinese Friendly obtains the "Best Partner" Award from the WTCF
7 Sep 2018


The WTCF (World Tourism Cities Federation),  with the Presidency of mayor of Beijing, granted the Best Partner Award to the Seville company Chinese Friendly International (CFI) on September 7, within the framework of its annual summit, this time in Qingdao, China.


Mr. Kurt Grötsch receives the Award, accompanied by representatives of

Weibo, Unión Pay and Tencent.


The WCTF, with its 117 member cities of the first rank, represents the most important institution in the world related to urban tourism. This recognition, before some 500 international delegates, recognizes the work of CFI in recent years within the WCTF, focused on promoting cultural and tourism relations with CHINA.


The intermediation of  CFI  made it possible for Sevilla to join the WCTF in 2016, beside participating and collaborating in its annual summits in Morocco, 2015, Qonqing, 2016, Los Angeles, 2017 and Qingdao, 2018.


Among multiple collaborations, the joint organization of WCTF, CF and Chinese Friendly Kazakhstan of a conference on Chinese tourism in Central Asia, in Astana 2017, with the participation of UNESCO, is one of the examples of a successful parterschip.


In addition, CFI has actively collaborated with the WCTF, promoting and organizing conferences and contacts, both in Europe, Latin America and Central Asia. These collaborations were reinforced in recent years in a joint effort to develop and promote the enormous opportunities of the Silk Road.


The award, collected by the President of Chinese Friendly International, Mr. Kurt Grötsch, has a special relevance if we take into account that it was granted along with other award-winners such as Tencent, the first Internet company in China, WeChat, the platform of largest communication company in the world, Sina Weibo, the "Chinese Twitter", a social networking website, similar to Facebook and Twitter, Pay Union, the organization of payment cards in China, and which is the most used system in this country, as well as cities as representative as Toronto, Berlin, Vienna, Los Angeles, Paris and London.


A recognition of the effort and work, as well as its commitment to the high concept of quality of service, of the entire CFI team.