CLK Donates Masks to SRCIC Secretariat for Epidemic Prevention
26 Feb 2020


Since the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia, members and partners of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC) delivered messages of support and sympathy through video, letters, emails and instant messengers to colleagues at SRCIC Secretariat. Knowing that China faces shortage of medical supplies for preventing measures, CLK overcame the difficulties posed by restricted international logistics, and donated two boxes of FFP2 masks, 480 pieces in total, to protect the health of SRCIC employees during this difficult time.



Calik Group operates in diversified sectors, ranging from textile and energy to finance and construction throughout Turkey, Central Asia and the Balkans. On July 17, 2018, SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong and Mr. Calik, President of Calik Group met in Shanghai. Both sides agreed to increase communication and explore cooperation in the fields of finance, logistics and cultural exchanges.


Chairman Lu Jianzhong (left) and Mr. Calik, President of Calik Group (right)



Synergy with Çalık Group

CLK was founded in 2017 by Çalık family who has been working with the mission to add value to the sectors ranging from textile and energy to finance and construction throughout Turkey, Central Asia and the Balkans. The company has operations in logistics, trade and procurement lead by an experienced and dynamic team of professionals.



Working closely with Çalık Group that has a long-standing presence brings a unique synergy and the subject’s organizational structure is one of a kind which brings logistics, trade and procurement together under one roof. Thanks to this unique structure, CLK can provide end-to-end solutions with a holistic approach that pursues efficiency in all these three disciplines.


In addition to road, air, sea and railway transportation services provided in logistics discipline, CLK also provides intermodal transportation services and carries out project cargo operations both of which are not only cost-efficient and time saving but also environmentally sustainable.






Intermodal Transportation: CLK can deliver the cargo to be transported by multiple modes of transport using integrated systems without the need for handling thanks to its liaison offices at key locations of the geographical region it operates. These combined logistics services, which include multiple modes of transport, provide customers with advantages in terms of both cost and sustainability. Intermodal transportation minimizes the negative impact on the environment and contributes to sustainability especially with its use of railway and maritime transport. In this respect, intermodal transportation has become a much more preferred combined mode of transport in recent years.


Railway Transportation: Railway transport has been integrated by CLK into the other logistic services in its portfolio due to its significance in terms of tonnage and cost elements, and its future potential. Railway transport via Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and the Middle Corridor route crossing the Caspian Sea are the two main railway routes that CLK benefit from. CLK fully benefits from the advantages of rail transport in terms of cost and tonnage in intermodal transport and conventional rail transport. It shares the benefits of these advantages that are related to sustainability with its customers.





CLK; is well equipped to provide any material or product in the geographical region covered by modern Silk Road thanks to its ability to bring the rich resources in Turkey and Central Asia, and China, the world’s most populous market, to a common ground. Trading of petrochemicals, minerals and industrial products as well as trade of products unique to the geographical region it operates are among CLK’s priorities. CLK fulfills its obligations in a timely manner thanks to its local representatives in the relevant countries.



Having established the connections in China to provide the demanded material, technology and service solutions, CLK is able to meet the needs of its customers associated with construction and energy projects to be engineered on the route of modern Silk Road. In addition to this service, the company is able to create integrated solutions combined with logistics, one of its main areas of interest.


Silk Road

CLK, which provides logistics and trade services, operates in the geographical area, that the Silk Road passes through, which includes China and Central Asia extending all the way to Europe.CLK offers a reliable experience in terms of trade and transport between countries located on the route of the Silk Road, also known as “The Path of Prosperity”, which has a historical impact on the development of civilizations, trade, technology and industry.



The route that connects the past, present and future: The Silk Road

CLK is also engaged in the trade and logistics of products such as fertilizers, polyethylene, polypropylene and sulfur, which are in high demand around this widely popular trade route, in addition to traditional products such as olive oil, apricot, rose water and cotton. Additionally; CLK which helps the procurement of materials needed for construction and energy projects located on the Silk Road, aims to contribute to the building of the past, present and future via using the Silk Road and to leave a mark on this journey with its stakeholders.