Establishment of SRCIC (Hong Kong) Shaanxi Representative Office: The First Overseas NGO in Shaanxi
8 Jun 2017

(Reporter Wen Yan, Feng Xiaorui) On June 7th 2017, Administrative Office of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations of Shaanxi Public Security Department had a ceremony to issue the registration certificate and representation certificate to the SRCIC and other overseas NGOs in Shaanxi Province.


Mr. Lou Zhigang, Head of National Security Bureau of Shaanxi Public Security Department, Director of Administrative Office of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations granted the registration certificate to Secretary General Li Zhonghang.


Mr. Lou said that the SRCIC Shaanxi Representative Office is the first overseas NGO in Shaanxi Province and it will enlarge its influence to the whole nation with the registration.  


It is noted that the registration and administration of overseas non-governmental organizations are important safeguards to regulate their activities in Shaanxi. By registration and administration, Shaanxi will better serve the overseas NGOs. Also, the Shaanxi Provincial Security Department hopes that the overseas NGOs will focus on and participate in philanthropy in Shaanxi to contribute to the Belt and Road construction and the development of Shaanxi economy and society.


Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce is composed of national commercial associations of Silk Road countries. It’s the first non-government international business confederation named after the Silk Road. Since its establishment in Hong Kong two years ago, the SRCIC has responded positively to the Belt and Road Initiative and has served as a “Super connector” to build an international platform for culture exchanges and business cooperation. Now, the SRCIC has 75 member chambers of commerce (state level), successfully organized 6 international conferences, including Silk Road Business Summit (Xi'an), Development Cooperation Forum on International Industrial Parks and the Seminar on People-to-People Exchange: A New Model under the Belt and Road Initiative, and has been to over 20 Silk Road countries for roadshows and for international meetings. The SRCIC spares no effort in telling the story of the Silk Road, speaking up for its members and for business interaction.


On September 8th 2017, the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce will host the 2017 Silk Road Business Summit and Silk Road International Culture Week in Xi'an China. The Summit aims to build innovative Silk Road business cooperation mechanisms and platforms and share the fruits of the Belt and Road construction.


The renaissance of the ancient Silk Road continues with the establishment of the Shaanxi Representative Office of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (Hong Kong) in Xi'an.


Source: Excerpts from Xi'an Daily