Xi’an City Leaders Visit Tang West Market Museum
21 Jul 2017


On 19 July 2017, Mr. Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Xi'an Municipal Party Committee, led the delegation from Zhejiang Province of China for a visit to the Tang West Market Museum.


Mr. Wang (8th left), Mr. Lu (1st right), Mr. Li (1st left ) and Madam Wang (3rd left) with the delegation


Tang West Market Museum is the first non government museum in China rated as the first class state-level museum for its precious heritage site of the Tang Dynasty West Market (618-906 A.D), also as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road then. The museum is one of the initiators of the Silk Road International Association of Museums established last year.  


Zhejiang Provincial visitors were overwhelmed by the prosperity of the international trade and business flows more than 1000 years ago. The precious relics of street cross, road ruts and other museum collection introduced by the museum curator Madam Wang stand as powerful evidence of the booming business in this ancient metropolitan city.


An interesting introduction


Mr. Lu Jianzhong, SRCIC Chairman, and Mr. Li Zhonghang, Secretary General, accompanied the visitors, and the Silk Road Cultural Street, Tang West Market Shopping Mall, and the Belt and Road saloon were also included in the visit.


Visitors in the Silk Road Saloon


Mr. Wang emphasized the unique historical tradition of the Xi'an city as an important part of the Chinese culture, which adds a strong dimension to Xi'an's economic and social development today. With the Belt and Road Initiative, Xi'an is getting into a golden period of strategic opportunities as a Free Trade Zone, a State-Level Central City, and a Bigger Xi'an.


Source: Xi'an Daily