5 Suggestions by SRCIC Senior Advisor on China-EU Cooperation for Belt and Road Initiative
5 Aug 2017



26 – 27 June 2017, the 7th China-EU Forum was jointly held by the Mission of China to the EU, China Institute for Reform and Development, Friends of Europe and China Public Diplomacy Association in Brussels Belgium. SRCIC Senior Advisor and President of China Institute for Reform and Development Mr. Chi Fulin led a delegation to the forum. The main discussion at the forum was the cooperation between China and Europe for the Belt and Road Initiative.


Five suggestions were proposed by Mr. Chi for promoting China-EU collaboration in the Belt and Road Initiative.


1. The interaction of China-Europe cooperation and Asia-Europe cooperation.

The China-EU cooperation can benefit in accelerating the progress of Asia-EU economic integration.  


2. A multilateral mechanism for cooperation.

The growing trend of multilateral cooperation is strong. Building up a multilateral cooperation mechanism can gain impetus for regional integration. Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the China-ASEAN free trade zone can be pilot examples in the development, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank can advance the multilateral mechanism for cooperation.


3. Establishing a working platform and the co-governance mechanism.

The multilateral cooperation requires a working platform and co-governance mechanism. A special organization is needed for coordination. The Chinese embassies to countries alongside the Belt and Road can assist in this respect, together with a co-governance mechanism to provide the institutional guarantee.


4. A quick settlement of China-EU Investment Agreement.

The China-EU free trade zone is an important project in China-EU cooperation, which requires the success of China EU FTA negotiations. China-EU Investment Agreement comes first to meet the expectation of Europe for mutual benefits. And then the China EU FTA negotiations need to be started soon.
5. A multiparty participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The exchange at the meeting shows the importance of communication and interaction between governments. However more social sectors are needed for joint impetus. For example, a China-EU Business Chamber in Brussels to drive the connection and cooperation at company levels and to speak on behalf of Chinese companies. It is also necessary for the think tank cooperation. Think Tank branches in Europe can provide effective consultant service to Chinese companies.

Source: Shanghai Security News