Mr. Lu Jianzhong Addresses the 30th CACCI in Taipei: Innovating business models and jointly constructing the Belt and Road platforms for development
5 Dec 2016

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23 November 2016, the 30th CACCI was held in Taipei of Taiwan. SRCIC Chairman Mr. Lu was invited to the meeting and delivered his speech. He expressed warm congratulations for the 50th anniversary of CACCI and introduced SRCIC and its endeavors in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative. He also proposed the innovative development models for all-around connectivity and called to build up the Belt and Road economy with the Camel Spirit.


CACCI was founded in 1966. It has made great contribution over the past and become the most influential international business organization in Asia-Pacific region and the first-class regional international association in the world.


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Currently, Asia-Pacific region has 40% of the world population, 57% of the economic aggregate and 48% of the global trade volume, as one of the world’s most active and fastest economic growing areas with the biggest business potentials.


The sluggish world economy with its uncertainties has presented new challenges for the Asia-Pacific. With resource interrogation, innovative development models and inclusive collaboration, we can create new situations for the regional economic growth. This is the prime reason for SRCIC to participate in CACCI activities.


Chines President Xi Jinping stated in his APEC address on 19 November in Manila that in the slow global economic development, facing the regional unstable growth and transitional challenges, the Asia Pacific remains one of the engines pushing forward the world economy. APECT is an important platform for cooperation and interaction in leading the world economic growth. China is implementing its 13th Five-Year Plan for innovation, cooperation, green economy, openness and mutual benefit in its national development. We are confident for bringing about opportunities and benefits to the Asia Pacific.


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Mr. Lu presented SRCIC eSilkRoad online platform for financing, trade, think tanks and cultural exchange and pointed out that online + offline model facilitates effective business flows of information, commerce, commodities and capitals. CACCI and SRCIC are complementary. Both have promising future in the construction of the Belt and Road.


Mr. Lu emphasized the importance of culture interaction and believes culture plays a decisive part in promoting business connectivity. SRCIC will hold a Silk Road International Culture Week in China in the second half of 2017 to present historical evolution and cultural heritage of the modern and ancient Silk Roads and their innovative cultural products through exhibits and art shows. He invited delegations from different countries and regions to participate in the Culture Week and visioned its splendid spectacle then.


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