A New Bridge across the Straits: Mr. Lu meets with Taiwan KMT Chairperson Hung Hsiu-chu, A Discussion on Trade and Culture Exchange and Cooperation
5 Dec 2016

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25 November 2016, right after CACCI, Mr. Lu Jianzhong, SRCIC Chairman and President of Tang West Market Group, met with Hung Hsiu-chu, Chairperson of Kuomintang Party in Taiwan.


Mr. Lu praised Hung for standing up in time of need to take the historical responsibility for her people and nation. He expressed support from the mainland people. Mr. Lu also introduced SRCIC and Tang West Market Group to stress the potential for trade and culture collaboration.


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SRCIC’s achievements over the year and its mission to connect and serve the Silk Road countries impressed Hung. She mentioned her meeting with Chinese President Xi earlier this month as an important event for the Straits and praised Mr. Lu for his vision and action in promoting both business and culture among the Silk Road countries. She pointed out the further need for peoples of both sides to communicate and interact, especially for young generations.


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Mr. Lu and Hung both agreed that the room for cooperation is big in both trade and culture. We should work as the bridge for such exchanges.