Shaanxi-Pakistan Economic and Trade Forum - Karachi, 6th December 2016
20 Dec 2016

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Consequent to the visit of the SRCIC Vice Chairman Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala to Xi'an in September 2016 and the SRCIC having arranged a meeting with the CCPIT Shaanxi Province in Xi’an, the Pakistan National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Pakistan) hosted the Shaanxi-Pakistan Economic and Trade Forum at Karachi on 6th December 2016. The Shaanxi Province delegation was led by Mr. Li Xiqian, General Manager of Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co. Ltd. The delegation included the following companies:

1. Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co. Ltd. – Mr. Li Xiqian
2. Shaanxi Province Logistics Group Co. Ltd. – Mr. Yu Jinxue
3. Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Company – Ms. Cheng Shuhui
4. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Import & Export Co. Ltd. – Mr. Wang Wengang
5. Shaanxi Defeng Modern Agriculture Technology Co. Ltd. – Mr. Yang Yingbo
6. Xinyang Taimao Agricultural Development Co. Ltd. – Mr. Ren Zhihua
7. Xianyang Hengsheng Fruit Co. Ltd. – Mr. Qu Weijun & Mr. He Yunyan
8. CCPIT Shaanxi Sub-Council – Mr. She Baocheng & Ms. Wei Hong

Besides the above the Economic and Commercial Counselor of the PRC in Karachi also attended the meeting.


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ICC Pakistan delegation was led by its Chair Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala and the following member organizations attended the Forum:

1. TCS (Private) Limited – Mr. Qasim Awan & Mr. Younus Ali Siddiqui
2. World Wide Group – Mr. Jahangir Raza
3. DHL Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. – Mr. Muhammad Hanif Idrees & Mr. Fawwad Ali Mirza
4. Mehran Sugar Mills Limited – Dr. Muhammad Ebrahim Hasham
5. Globe Management (Pvt.) Ltd. – Mr. Ghulam AliMohammed
6. Transfreight Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. – Mr. Babar Badat
7. Rangoonwala Group of Companies – Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala
8. Automobile Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. – Mr. Khayam Hussain
9. Pakistan Cables Limited – Mr. Fahd Chinoy
10. Pakistan House International Limited – Mr. Muhammad Hansia
11. BOML-TCW – Valy Rangoonwala
12. ZAB International (Pvt.) Ltd. – Mr. J. M. Q. Warsi
13. Bank Al Habib Limited – Mr. Ehtesham H. Ali & Mr. Aun Ali
14. Pegasus Consultancy – Mr. Aamer Khanzada
15. TPL Trakker Limited – Sarwar Ali Khan
16. Mansoob & Co. – Mr. Sayyid Mansoob Hasan
17. Pearl International – Mr. Rana Asif Khan
18. Customs Syndicate – Mr. Tayyab Khan

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Chairman ICC Pakistan welcomed the delegation and thanked everyone for their participation. He briefly updated the meeting on the current developments viz. the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the ratification and implementation of the UN TIR System in Pakistan. The Chairman emphasized on the close cooperation between businesses of the two countries to facilitate trade and investment.
Head of the Chinese delegation also addressed the meeting and thanked ICC Pakistan, its Chair and its membership for their facilitation and hospitality.

Brief presentations were made by organizations from both sides.

A Cooperation Agreement between ICC Pakistan and CCPIT Shaanxi Sub-Council was concluded during the Forum to enhance communication and cooperation as well as information sharing between the two organizations (which are both ICC counterparts in their respective countries) for facilitating business and investment. Chairman ICC Pakistan Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala and Director CCPIT Shaanxi Mr. She Baocheng signed the agreement. Chairman Rangoonwala also presented momento to all Shaanxi Province CCPIT business delegates and officials on behalf of the PNC-ICC.


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The Forum was followed by discussions over lunch.