Mr. Lu attends the 5th session of 12th CPPCC National Committee in Beijing
6 Mar 2017


The 5th Session of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was opened in Beijing on 3rd March 2017.


Member of the CPPCC, Chairman of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, Mr. LU Jianzhong said during the interview with Economic Daily, the “Belt and Road “initiative has enjoyed a broad consensus in the globe. And the financial anchoring mechanism and connectivity phase into implementation. With faster cooperation on productivity, a huge leap was achieved in economic corridors. These will create new momentum in the development of global economy.


“The ‘Belt and Road’ initiative offers a significant opportunity to deepen regional economic cooperation. The challenge now is to establish new mechanisms and platforms. By building bridges that connect ‘Project pools’ and ‘Fund pools’, projects that benefit the peoples will be implemented in Silk Road countries. As a large and complex project, connectivity itself is facing a variety of challenges.”


Mr. LU said, as an important element of institutional changes of global economic governance, the rules governing global trade are undergoing reforms and improvement. And business leaders from different countries should develop communication through platforms like chambers of commerce, to discuss how to improve international business rules to facilitate trade and investment, and to present their views and proposals to governments and related international organizations. Thus, a fair, equitable and open international economic system will be established. 


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