Alexandra Ochirova’s 12th collection “The Invisible Strength” Launched
17 Mar 2017


On March 3rd, Ms. Alexandra Ochirova, a poet and a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, had her 12th collection The Invisible Strength launched successfully in Tsereteli Art Gallery in Moscow, Russia.


On the day of the Launch, experts, artists, writers and performers from different fields attended the Launch. There was fantastic performances at the scene and Ms. Ochirova read her poems.


Ms. Ochirova's penpals and colleagues speak highly of her peoms. The poet André said, “Ms. Chirova is a brilliant poet. Her poems are of unique styles and thought-provoking.”The famous Russian artist, Mr. Zurab Tsereteli praised her in the illustrations he created for her collections: “Her work is meaningful to Mother Nature and patriotism and love of families are reflected in her poems. ”


Ms. Ochirova started to write poems at the age of 6, and now she has 11 collections published. She is not only a contemporary poet, but also the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Chairperson of the Commission on Social Development, and member of the Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border Facilities of the Russian Federation (Rosgranitsa).


Ms. Alexandra Ochirova is also the Silk Road Ambassador of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC). Since assuming office, she had actively promoted the objectives, philosophy and cooperation mechanism of the SRCIC, and had been an active supporter of fostering the exchange of cultures between the SRCIC and other regions. All her efforts have yielded good results and been well received.