SRCIC Video EB Meeting on March 23, 2017
24 Mar 2017



A video meeting was held on 23 March 2017 at Xi’an Secretariat. Executive Chairman Jean-Guy Carrier presided over for an hour and half and Mr. Lu Jianzhong, Mr. Li Zhonghang, and other members of the Executive Board, all together 23 of them, attended the meeting.



At the meeting, Mr.Lu reported SRCIC’s work in progress. Mr.Carrier introduced SRCIC the Philippines, 2017 SRCIC major events, the envolvement in Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, the preparation for attending B20 2017, and the modification of SRCIC Constitution. Mr. Li informed SRCIC new representative office in Beijing and the invitation for 2017 Silk Road International Culture Week to be held on 10 September in Xi’an.


Ms. Katrina Yu from Hong Kong Office and Mr. Wang Yan from Beijing Office are both promoted as Deputy Scretary General of SRCIC. The Regulation for Hosting SRCIC Annual Conference was also issued at the meeting. A summary of the meeting will be sent out soon to all EB members.