Belt and Road Initiative: Wisdom of China facilitates mutual learning of cultures
14 Apr 2017




Since President Xi Jinping raised the “Belt and Road” initiative in 2013, the belt and road initiative achieves its progress through experiments, its improvement through development, and its growth through cooperation. And we celebrate the progress and achievements as both land above our expectations. In accordance with the principle of engaging in extensive consultation, making joint contribution and sharing benefits, the Belt and Road construction not only broadens China’s horizon in opening up and enlarges economic development, but also receives full support and participation of over 100 countries and international organizations, which inject impetus into the connectivity of countries along the route.


For more than three years, an initiative raised by Chinese gradually receives extensive international understanding. To date, over 100 countries and international organizations have responded positively to the initiative, while over 40 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China.


The connectivity of goods, peoples and culture along the ancient Silk Road has connected the cultures of the East and West, enriched peoples’ lives and facilitated the development of cultures. And the Silk Road Spirit - "peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit" – will continue generation after generation.


This is the “Wisdom of China” that promotes mutual learning of difference cultures.


In Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, inside the Tang West Market Museum, the cultural relics together picture the ancient Silk Road and relationships between China and Central Asia, Western Asia and Europe; while outside the museum, on the Silk Road Street, products, performance and architectures with local flavors, which make a kaleidoscope of different cultures and gather businessmen from home and abroad.


On the ancient Silk Road, the lively interplay of Chinese culture, Indian culture, Arabian culture and European culture gives a vivid explanation of “agree to disagree”. “The ancient Silk Road is the road of commerce, culture, peace and friendship. It sends a positive signal of harmonious culture and business development, strengthens the connectivity between cultures, but poses no threat to any other country.” Said Mr. LU Jianzhong, Chairman of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce.


On May 14th to 15th 2017, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) will be held in Beijing, which will be a grand event to take stock of the past and plan the future. The Forum intended to make leading achievements in broadening the consensus on international cooperation, facilitating the cooperation on priority areas as well as planning for long-term cooperation. A group of major projects, cooperation agreements and mid- to long-term significant initiatives are expected to carried forward. And all parties will explore the possibility of establishing effective collaboration and long-term mechanisms, and depicting the blueprint for common interests.


Source: Xinhua net.