2017 Across - Straits Cultural Dialogue in Hong Kong
27 Apr 2017


Mr. Wang Shi, the Chairman of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, delivers a speech.


On 20 April, the Chinese Cultural Promotion Society and the Taiwan Pacific Cultural Foundation co-hosted the “2017 Across-Straits Cultural Dialogue”in Hong Kong. Experts from the mainland and Taiwan came together in Hong Kong to discuss “Chinese characters and the culture continuation”. These in-depth discussions covered topics of how to promote the exchange of culture between the mainland and Taiwan, and how to promote and develop Chinese culture moving forward.


Experts agree that written Chinese characters symbolize Chinese civilization, and serve as both a record and means of passing on China’s profound culture. They have become a fundamental guarantee of the continuation of this culture, and so, by focusing on their preservation they have helped to raise national confidence.


Mr. Wang Shi, the Chairman of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, an honorary chairman of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, as well as the Chairman of SRCIC Culture Committee, attended the event. Chairman Wang stated that the discussions on Mandarin Chinese, colloquial Chinese, Pinyin, and other topics were not only very significant, but also incredibly productive.


Photo Credit: Chinese Culture Promotion Society