SRCIC Vice Chairman Francis Chua Received the Highest Ever Award From the PCCI
9 Oct 2020


The picture shows Amb. Francis Chua receiving the PRESIDENTIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD at the 46th Philippine Business Conference & Expo held by PCCI. The award was witnessed online byformer President Arroyo, along with the certificate and medal of the Award.


Amb. Francis Chua, the Honorary President Emeritus of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), PSRICC Chairman and SRCIC Vice Chairman, was awarded the PRESIDENTIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD, PCCI's highest honor, on 7 October.


At the 46th Philippine Business Conference & Expo held by PCCI at Marriott Hotel on October 7, Amb.Benedicto V. Yujuico, President of the PCCI, presented the certificate of Commendation to Amb. Francis Chua, witnessed by Former President Arroyo viavideo online.


Ambassador Chua's greatest contribution to PCCI has been to develop, consolidate and maintain the finances of the Chamber, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year and enabling PCCI to promote more SME development initiatives. Inaddition, Francis Chua led PCCI to join the International Federation of Chambers of Commerce and to establish the ICCP, a worldwide organization that establishes, promotes, and monitors certificates of Origin and ATA CarnetProvisional Import Licenses, making PCCI a truly international chamber of commercein the country.


In his acceptance speech, Ambassador Chua said that the award was not his work alone, but due tothe concerted efforts of all the members of the Federation of Philippine Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He also thanked the previous leaders and the Board of Directors of the Federation for their support and trust.


The Board of Directors of the PCCI, after careful selection and discussion, has decided to award its highest award, the PRESIDENTIAL EXCELLENCE AWARD, to Amb. Francis Chua. The board's resolution says Amb. Francis Chuais unwavering in his commitment to promoting the growth and development of theChamber of Commerce and the Philippine business community. His vision, businessacumen, and advocacy will continue to drive the PCCI to higher levels. ThePhilippine business hub he help establishing is home to start-ups and SME businesses,helping companies set up their own business bases. The creation of the PCCI e-commerce platform under his guidance testifies to his commitment to the development and promotion of SME.


The ICCP, chaired by Amb. Francis Chua, has made a positive contribution to the Philippines' active participation in ICC activities. In addition to PCCI and its manybusinesses, Amb. Francis Chua 's philanthropic efforts have also affected the lives of scholars, front-line personnel, civil servants and the less fortunatein society.

Writer: Pol Ongkinglok

Editor/Linguister: Stephanie Tan


Source: PSRICC official wechat account