Member Updates: ICC Pakistan released 2017 Annual Report
11 May 2018


SRCIC events included in the Annual Report


ICC Pakistan issued its 2017 Annual Report, which summed up fruitful outcomes in several categories, including arbitration, environment and energy, financial services and insurance, banking techniques and practice, IRT-TIR, taxation, and intellectual property. It also highlighted important events, which included the 2017 Silk Road Business Summit, SRCIC’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration, and the SRCIC General Assembly.


ICC Pakistan plays an important role in SRCIC’s development as it was one of the first state-level chambers to join SRCIC. The Chairman of ICC Pakistan, Mr. Tariq M. Rangoonwala, also serves as the Vice Chairman of SRCIC. Over the past two years, SRCIC has celebrated several great achievements with the guidance and support of Mr. Rangoonwala and ICC Pakistan. ICC Pakistan and SRCIC will continue to develop their partnership and pragmatic cooperation in the near future.