Member Updates: Inauguration of Russian first cosmonaut in Sri Lanka
28 Jan 2019


25 January, 2019, a delegation from the newly inaugurated Russia-Sri Lanka Friendship Society arrived in Sri Lanka. The highlight of the visit was the unveiling of the bust of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, which exhibited at the Public Library Premises.


The visiting delegation included Tokarev Valery Ivanovich, President of the Russia-Sri Lanka Friendship Society, the space pilot, Mayor of Star City and twice Hero of Russia, Polozkov Vladimir Mikhailovich, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Secretary General of the RAIC.


Russian Association for International Cooperation (RAIC) is the founding member of SRCIC. Sergey Kalashnikov, Chairman of RAIC, is also Vice Chairman of SRCIC since 2015. Besides, Russian Star City joined in the Silk Road Urban Alliance of SRCIC on Oct.16, 2018.


RAIC is now preparing to donate the bust of Russian cosmonaut Tokarev Valery Ivanovich to SRCIC.