Mr. Lu Jianzhong at CNPC: support international business organizations in BRI
9 Mar 2018



"The Belt and Road construction requires both top-level policies and NGO forces from different social sectors. We expect strong support and active coordination from government departments for international business associations to better participate in the Belt and Road construction, forming a new mode of triangle cooperation-government support, enterprise operation and business organization promotion - to create a better environment for the Belt and Road advancement.”People's representative, Mr. Lu Jianzhong said.


"NGOs are the important force in promoting economic and social development, international cooperation and global governance." Mr. Lu Jianzhong said, “International chambers of commerce can not only participate in the formulation of global economic and trade rules, but also have natural advantages in connecting governments and enterprises. Therefore, I would like to propose that government supports the in-depth cooperation between international commercial chambers, global trade organizations and all Belt and Road related business associations.”


Source:People's Daily