10 December 2017 Beijing China: SRCIC 2nd Anniversary Celebration
10 Dec 2017


The series of activities for the anniversary celebration of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce were held in Beijing with the support from ICC China, China NGO Network for International Exchanges, Guangming Daily, China Foundation for International Studies, and Chinese Culture Promotion Society.



Around 2000 participants attended the events. They are government officials, diplomats in China, chairmen and presidents of commercial associations and business groups, representatives of international organizations of UN, AIIB, the Silk Road Fund, enterprises, cultural institutions, think tanks, academic and artistic entities.



The activities covered SRCIC Executive Board meeting, Silk Road Transnational Financial Leasing Meeting, SRCIC General Assembly, the Belt and Road cooperation forum and a theme seminar.



SRCIC Chairman Lu Jianzhong presented a two-year report at the General Assembly, listing the achievements from 2016 to 2017 and briefing the work plan for the coming year. He expressed his deep gratitude for all the support and engagement of the SRCIC members and international communities.




An awarding ceremony was held at the Belt and Road Cooperation Forum for 2017 Outstanding Contribution. Deputy Mayor of Athens Mr. Alexandros Modiano is one of the three awarded contributors, with President of ICC Israel Mr. Oren Shachor, and President of ICC Palestine Mr. Munib R. Masri. Athens is also one of the current seven members of the Silk Road Urban Alliance under Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce. SRCIC also has five national chambers of commerce added to its membership of over 90 organizations.



The agreement signing involved more than a dozen cooperative projects, including a Silk Road Cultural Business Park of USD 2 billion investment, an international artwork trading centre, the transnational financial leasing alliance, and other research and business programs. The Silk Road International Development Fund was launched on site with a planned size of USD 10 billion.



The Belt & Road theme seminar was an important opportunity for the attendees to understand the progressing strategies and policies of the Belt & Road Initiative as speakers were from China B&R Promotion Office, National Development and Reform Commission, the Silk Road Fund, Guangming Daily, China Investment Corporation, and ICC China.




The splendour of the celebration was overwhelmingly inspiring, as said by Deputy Mayor of Athens Alexandros Modiano, “Our predecessors were great people. They transferred both goods and ideas, and served as bridges between people residing far away. They were not merely traders and messengers but tools of peace. Following their example, we also strive to make this world a better place for all through inclusive cooperation. ”



A special concert "Silk Road Melodies of Harmony" in the National Centre for the Performing Arts wrapped up the whole series with a high key for SRCIC's promising future.