SRCIC attends 2017 China EU Investment and Innovation Cooperation Forum
3 Nov 2017


The 2017 China EU Investment and Innovation Cooperation Forum was co-sponsored by China Economic Media Alliance and Caixin Media in Beijing on 3 November. Over 100 representatives from government, embassies in China, enterprises and media attended the forum. A consensus has been reached at the forum calling on the bilateral improvement of free investment policies, acceleration of matching B&R initiative with EU development strategy, as well as the completion of China-EU investment agreement negotiation.


SRCIC Deputy Secretary General Wang Yan speaks at the panel


SRCIC Deputy Secretary General Wang Yan was invited to the forum and spoke at the panel. He introduced the recent development of SRCIC and its promotion for China’s enterprises going into the European market. He stated that the risk of currency devaluation will be faced by both China and Europe. Therefore, China and EU should seek the solution jointly by building the pragmatic and efficient dialogue mechanism, and creating more cooperation opportunities. As the first international NGO named after the Silk Road, SRCIC will actively play the leading role in communication and coordination, gathering strength from each of the members for investment in China and Europe, and for more Chinese enterprises to go globally.


The 2017 China EU investment and Innovation Cooperation Forum also published the Belt and Road index (BRI), which provides related data of OBOR projects investment for Chinese enterprises.